Webpack is an important tool in the current evolution of the JavaScript ecosystem. It does a tremendous amount of work to bundle source code modules into resources that the browser can load and parse. Because users will be interacting with web pages running the generated bundle rather than the source, I think it’s especially important that developers understand how Webpack is manipulating and packaging their code.

🌴 Rumble in the bundle 🌴

I’ve created a contrived application to use as a vehicle for understanding how Webpack handles static ES module imports. The referenced bundles were created with the source found in this repository which uses Webpack…

Hello. My name is Mike, and I’m both a composer for video games and a web developer. This is my first entry in a series about creating a cohesive video game soundtrack. The topics covered in this series will range from instrumentation and melody to production.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

For the purposes of this series, I will be using Starbreeze Studios’ wonderful tale “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons”. Brothers already has a beautiful soundtrack written by Gustaf Grefberg, but I’ll be creating a sort of music replacement just to show the process of thinking about and writing a cohesive soundtrack. …

Mike Skalandunas

Senior software engineer @ Hearsay Systems, curious programmer, maker, musician

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